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Adam Cory & M.J. McKinnon-Cory
(as portrayed by Ed Fry and Sally Spencer in ANOTHER WORLD)

Michael Hudson & Donna Love-Hudson
(as portrayed by Kale Browne and Anna Stuart/Philece Sampler in ANOTHER WORLD)

Francis Donovan & Anne-Marie Kersey
(as portrayed by Jon Tenney and Yancy Butler in BROOKLYN SOUTH)

Jack Riles & Sylvia Ford
(as portrayed by Adam Baldwin and Susan Gibney in THE CAPE)

Prince Eric Charming & Snow White Charming
(as portrayed by Christopher Rich and Caitlin O’Heanney in THE CHARMINGS)

Roman Brady & Diana Colville
(as portrayed by Drake Hogestyn and Genie Francis in DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Jack Deveraux & Jennifer Horton-Deveraux
(as portrayed by Matthew Ashford and Melissa Brennan-Reeves in DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

Michael Horton & Robin Jacobs
(as portrayed by Michael Weiss and Derya Ruggles in DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

James Dempsey & Harriet Makepeace
(as portrayed by Michael Brandon and Glynnis Barber in DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE)

John Forney & Jesse Smith
(as portrayed by Michael Nouri and Mariska Hargitay in DOWNTOWN)

John Danziger & Devon Adair
(as portrayed by Clancy Brown and Debrah Farentino in EARTH 2)

Morgan Horatio Martin & Bess Amelia Klempt-Martin
(as portrayed by John Gegenhuber and Rebecca Gayheart in EARTH 2)

Daniel Kelly & Victoria Heller
(as portrayed by Michael Tylo and Laila Robins in GABRIEL’S FIRE)

Jake Styles & Neely Capshaw
(as portrayed by Joe Penny and Melody Anderson in JAKE AND THE FATMAN)

Will Braverman & Jane Larson
(as portrayed by Liam Neeson and Debra Winger in LEAP OF FAITH)

Clark Kent & Lois Lane-Kent
(as portrayed by Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in LOIS AND CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN)

Lord John Richard Roxton & Marguerite Krux
(as portrayed by William Snow and Rachel Blakely in THE LOST WORLD)

Angus MacGyver & Penny Parker
(as portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson and Teri Hatcher in MacGYVER)

Chris Larabee & Mary Travis
(as portrayed by Michael Biehn and Laurie Holden in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN)

Jim Craig & Jessica Harrison
(as portrayed by Tom Burlinson and Sigrid Thornton in THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER/RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER)

Winston MacBride & Sally Caulfield-MacBride
(as portrayed by Jeff Fahey and Patricia Harras/Dey Young in THE MARSHAL)

Walter Cooper & Cindy Nelson-Cooper
(as portrayed by Peter Riegert and Ashley Crow in MIDDLE AGES)

Terry Hannon & Blanche Sanusky
(as portrayed by William Russ and Amy Brenneman in MIDDLE AGES)

Richard O’Connell & Evelyn Carnahan-O’Connell
(as portrayed by Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz in THE MUMMY/THE MUMMY RETURNS)

James Curran & Claire Verens
(as portrayed by Michael Biehn and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer in NAVY SEALS)

William Brennecke & Paulette Charbonnet
(as portrayed by Cotter Smith and Colleen Flynn in ORLEANS)

Clade Charbonnet & Gina Vitelli
 (as portrayed by Brett Cullen and Melora Hardin in ORLEANS)

Jerry Cole & Elizabeth McKay
(as portrayed by Michael Woods and Daphne Ashbrook in OUR FAMILY HONOR)

Jarod & Miss Parker
(as portrayed by Michael Weiss/Ryan Merriman and Andrea Parker/Ashley Peldon in THE PRETENDER)

Jack Cleary & Sarah Ann Thompson
(as portrayed by Michael Woods and Faye Grant in PRIVATE EYE)

Austin James & Michelle Castle
(as portrayed by Parker Stevenson and Ashley Crow in PROBE)

Nick Cooper & Samantha Waters
(as portrayed by A Martinez and Ally Walker in PROFILER)

Sam Beckett & Donna Eleese-Beckett
(as portrayed by Scott Bakula & Teri Hatcher/Mimi Kuzyk in QUANTUM LEAP)

Cagney McCleary & Evie Stone-McCleary
(as portrayed by Matthew Ashford and Joanna Going in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)

Hogan McCleary & Patti Whiting-McCleary
(as portrayed by David Forsyth and Jacqueline Schultz in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)

Quinn McCleary & Katrina Fitzgerald-McCleary
(as portrayed by Jeffrey Meek and Mary Jo Keenan in SEARCH FOR TOMORROW)

John Reid & Natalie Thayer
(as portrayed by James Read and Marg Helgenberger in SHELL GAME)

Jonathan O’Neill & Samantha Carter
(as portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping in STARGATE SG-1)

David Grief & Isabelle Reed
(as portrayed by William Snow and Rachel Blakely in TALES OF THE SOUTH SEAS)

Jameson Jackson McGonnigal & Clare Devon
(as portrayed by Brian Vriends and Kimberly Joseph in TALES OF THE SOUTH SEAS)

Patrick Verona & Katarina Stratford
(as portrayed by Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles in TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU)

Myron Goldman & Nikki Raines
(as portrayed by Stephen Caffrey and Pamela Gidley in TOUR OF DUTY)

Dylan Del’Amico & Kate Singleton-Del’Amico
(as portrayed by Anthony John Denison and Linda Purl in UNDER COVER)

Mike Donovan & Juliet Parrish
(as portrayed by Marc Singer and Faye Grant in V/V: THE FINAL BATTLE/V: THE SERIES)

Oliver Plexico & Margaret Harwood
(as portrayed by Tim Daly and Penelope Ann Miller in YEAR OF THE COMET)

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Coming someday...

Trevor Goodchild & Aeon Flux
(as portrayed by Marton Csokas and Charlize Theron in AEON FLUX)

Apollo & Serena
(as portrayed by Richard Hatch and Jane Seymour in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA)

Craig Pomeroy & Gina Pomeroy
(as portrayed by Parker Stevenson and Holly Gagnier in BAYWATCH)

Frank Buck & Gloria Marlowe
(as portrayed by Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan in BRING ‘EM BACK ALIVE)

Kleber Cantrell & Ceil Shannon-Cantrell
(as portrayed by Ben Masters and Karen Austin in CELEBRITY)

Jimmy Godfrey & Annie Frost
(as portrayed by Cole Hauser and Kelli Giddish in CHASE)

Boonie Lanier & Karen Charlene Koloski
(as portrayed by Brian Wimmer and Marg Helgenberger in CHINA BEACH)

Fritz Howard & Brenda Leigh Johnson
(as portrayed by Jon Tenney and Kyra Sedgwick in THE CLOSER)

Michael Devitt & Christina Towne
(as portrayed by Nick Campbell and Peggy Smithhart in DIAMIONDS)

Bowen & Kara
(as portrayed by Dennis Quaid and Dina Meyer in DRAGONHEART)

George Knightley & Emma Woodhouse
(as portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller and Romola Garai in EMMA)

Cameron Quinn & Theresa Conners
(as portrayed by Ken Olin and Debrah Farentino in EZ STREETS)

Simon Tam & Kaywinnet Lee Frye
(as portrayed by Sean Maher and Jewel Staite in FIREFLY/SERENITY)

Mitch Green & Mary Parker-Green
(as portrayed by Jon Tenney and Debrah Farentino in GET REAL)

Wayne Robinson & Anya Andreyev
(as portrayed by David Keith and Stephanie Zimbalist in THE GOLDEN MOMENT - AN OLYMPIC LOVE STORY)

Tony Villicana & Rhonda Blake
(as portrayed by Michael Paré and Faye Grant in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO)

Ronald Weasley & Hermione Granger
(as portrayed by Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in the HARRY POTTER heptalogy)

J.T. Banks & Hope Linden
(as portrayed by Shawn Thompson and Charlotte Ross in THE HEIGHTS)

Mick Belker & Robin Tataglia-Belker
(as portrayed by Bruce Weitz and Lisa Sutton in HILL STREET BLUES)

Hank Metcalf & Sarah Brewer-Metcalf
(as portrayed by David Newsom and Alexandra Wilson in HOMEFRONT)

Jeff Stevens & Tracy Whitney
(as portrayed by Tom Berenger and Madolyn Smith in IF TOMORRW COMES)

Toby Amberville & India West
(as portrayed by Tim Daly and Julianne Moore in I’LL TAKE MANHATTAN)

Michael Brennan & Jacqueline Shea-Brennan
(as portrayed by Tom Mason and Shelley Hack in JACK AND MIKE)

Johnny Ryan & Eve Manion
(as portrayed by Clancy Brown and Julia Campbell in JOHNNY RYAN)

John Clayton III & Jane Porter-Clayton
(as portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN)

Martin Odum & Sonya Odum
(as portrayed by Sean Bean and Amber Valletta in LEGENDS)

Aragorn & Arwen
(as portrayed by Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy)

Thomas Sullivan Magnum & Michelle Hue-Magnum
 (as portrayed by Tom Selleck and Marta DuBois in MAGNUM P.I.)

Jonathan Chase & Brooke McKenzie
(as portrayed by Simon MacCorkindale and Melody Anderson in MANIMAL)

Ned Sheffield & Brandis LaSalle
(as portrayed by John Getz and Kathleen Layman in MARIAH)

Patrick Jane & Teresa Lisbon
(as portrayed by Simon Baker and Robin Tunney in THE MENTALIST)

Max Harte & Shannon Reed
(as portrayed by Antony Hamilton and Jane Badler in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE)

Matty Navarro & Angela Vecchio
(as portrayed by Nestor Serrano and Giuliana Santini in MOLONEY)

Nathan Torrence & Tess Mercy
(as portrayed by Aaron Pearl and Charlotte Ross in MONTANA SKY)

Walter Tatum & Gwen Cross
(as portrayed by Bill Campbill and Ally Walker in MOON OVER MIAMI)

Jerry Rawlins & Rebecca Wenzel
(as portrayed by Scott Bakula and Maria Bello in MR & MRS SMITH)

Ned Blessing & Jilly Blue
(as portrayed by Daniel Baldwin and Julia Campbell in NED BLESSING: THE TRUE STORY OF MY LIFE)

Patrick Connell & Brianne Wilder
(as portrayed by Dack Rambo and Terri Garber in NO MAN’S LAND)

John Thornton & Margaret Hale
(as portrayed by Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe in ELIZABETH GASKELL'S NORTH AND SOUTH)

George Hazard & Constance Flynn-Hazard
(as portrayed by James Read and Wendy Kilbourne in JOHN JAKES' NORTH AND SOUTH BOOKS I,II, and III)

Charles Main & Augusta Barclay
(as portrayed by Lewis Smith and Kate McNeil in JOHN JAKES' NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK II)

Henry Tilney & Catherine Moreland
(as portrayed by JJ Feild and Felicity Jones in NORTHANGER ABBEY)

Michael Wiseman & Lisa Wiseman
(as portrayed by Eric Close and Margaret Colin in NOW AND AGAIN)

Roger Anderson & Kate Cameron
(as portrayed by David Harbour and Kelli Garner in PAN AM)

Ethan Allen Cord & Amelia Lawson
(as portrayed by Lee Horsley and Sigrid Thornton in PARADISE)

Owen (need last name) & Alicia Sandergard
(as portrayed by Tate Donovan and Maria Pitillo in PARTNERS)

Frederick Wentworth & Anne Elliot
(as portrayed by Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawkins in PERSUASION)

Fitzwilliam Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet
(as portrayed by Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE)

Remington Steele & Laura Holt-Steele
(as portrayed by Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist in REMINGTON STEELE)

Jack Matson & Alison Babineaux-Matson
(as portrayed by Terence Knox and Karen Allen in THE ROAD HOME)

Robin Hood & Maid Marion
(as portrayed by Michael Praed and Judi Trott in ROBIN OF SHERWOOD)

Nicholas Flemming & Eden Kendall
(as portrayed by Lewis Van Bergen & Rene Russo in SABLE)

Seth Griffin & Elizabeth Westphall
(as portrayed by Bruce Greenwood and Dana Short in ST. ELSEWHERE)

Lee Stetson & Amanda King-Stetson
(as portrayed by Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson in SCARECROW AND MRS. KING)

Tobias M. Curtis & Happy Quinn
(as portrayed by Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong in SCORPION)

Christopher Brandon & Marianne Dashwood
(as portrayed by Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet in SENSE AND SENSIBILITY)

Ed Leland & Linda Voss-Leland
(as portrayed by Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith in SHINING THROUGH)

Andrew Jackson Simon & Abigail Marsh
(as portrayed by Jameson Parker and Joan McMurtrey in SIMON & SIMON)

Logan Wright & Kate Delacroy
(as portrayed by John Allen Nelson and Melissa Gilbert in SWEET JUSTICE)

Kyle Reese & Sarah Connor
(as portrayed by Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton in THE TERMINATOR)

Armand Sadowski & Delphine de Lancel-Sadowski
(as portrayed by Charles Shaunnessy and Mia Sara in TIL WE MEET AGAIN)

Edgar of Mansfield & R.J. Craig
(as portrayed by Alex Hyde-White and Kathleen Beller in TIMETRACKERS)

Sean McGrail & Annie Cornell-McGrail
(as portrayed by Jason Beghe and Moira Kelly in TO HAVE AND TO HOLD)

James Vitelli & Rose Phillips
(as portrayed by Philip Casnoff and Karen Sillas in UNDER SUSPICION)

Solomon Zond & Haley Cayce-Zond
(as portrayed by Alex Carter and Marybeth Massett in VERITAS: THE QUEST)

Paul Matthews Northridge & Erin Walton-Northridge
(as portrayed by Morgan Stevens and Mary Beth McDonough in THE WALTONS)

Arlington Wescott Jones III & Mary Ellen Walton-Jones
(as portrayed by Richard Gilliland and Judy Norton-Taylor in THE WALTONS)

Joshua Lyman & Donnatella Moss
(as portrayed by Bradley Whitford and Janel Moloney in THE WEST WING)

Daniel Concannon & Claudia Jean Cregg
(as portrayed by Timothy Busfield and Allison Janney in THE WEST WING)

Matthew Vincente Santos & Helen Santos
(as portrayed by Jimmy Smits and Teri Polo in THE WEST WING)

Madmartigan & Sorsha
(as portrayed by Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley in WILLOW)

Joe Hackett & Helen Chappel-Hackett
(as portrayed by Tim Daly and Crystal Bernard in WINGS)

Roy Champion & Juliette Hollister
(as portrayed by David Soul and Deborah Shelton in THE YELLOW ROSE)

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